Spa Services

Grooming is an important part of dog health and we make it easy with options for drop off as early as 7:00 a.m. Our experienced and talented groomers are familiar with all pet breed cuts as well as personalized hair cuts, styling and blow outs. A lot of our grooming is done by hand scissoring and dogs are individually hand dried. In addition to regular grooming, we offer a variety of innovative and beneficial spa services that can be added to your pet's appointment. Let us know what issues your pup may have and we can customize their spa treatment for maximum results. You like to feel your best and so does your dog! 


*Prices may vary depending on size, breed and coat condition. A more specific quote will be given after we are able to see the dog and consider these factors.*

Prior to services being rendered, you must provide us with proof of a current rabies vaccine & your dog must be on a vet strength flea prevention

Grooming Services

Wash 'N Go                                          up to 5 lbs starts at: $15 

                                                               up to 25 lbs starts at $25

                                                               up to 50 lbs starts at $35

                                                               over 50 lbs starts at $45

Mini Groom                                         up to 5 lbs starts at $35

                                                               up to 25 lbs starts at $45

                                                               up to 50 lbs starts at $55

                                                               over 50 starts at $65

Full Groom                                           up to 5 lbs starts at $45

                                                              up to 25 lbs starts at $50

                                                              up to 50 lbs starts at $65

                                                               over 50 lbs Starts at $95

Creative Hairstyling                         * customized quote will be                                                                given after consultation                                                                              with groomer

Spa Services

Mud Bath (soothing)                           $15-$25


Teeth Brushing                                     $5


Nail PAWlish                                         $8


Blueberry Facial                                   $5-$8



Paw Pad/ Nose Moisturizing             $5

Paw Fizz Soak                                       $5-$8

(description & benefits)

A La Carte

Nail Grinding                                       $10-$15


Dematting                                           $40 per hour


De-shedding                                       $10-$15


Special Shampoo:                               $5

-Oatmeal/ Baking Soda

-Flea & Tick

-Lavender & Chamomile

-Hip & Joint Cooling Relief

-Allergy Relief: Avocado & Aloe

-Moisturizing Coconut Cream

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