Our Mission

Our mission at Zoomies Pet Care is to provide your pet with the best possible alternative to being with you. One size does not fit all when it comes to your fur kids and we understand that. Our goal is to provide your pets with quality care and make their vacation as exciting or relaxing as yours will be! With a strong focus on health and safety, we customize your pets accommodations based on temperament, health and overall happiness. What works for one may not work for another so depending on your pets needs, they will enjoy being pampered in their own home, interacting at our facility with other pups in our supervised cage-free group play areas, whisked off to a hiking adventure, or tucked away in one of our comfortable climate controlled kennel runs. We're here to unleash the fun for your pets and make life easier for you.

The Zoomies Difference

Since 2015, Zoomies has had an excellent reputation of providing quality pet care for our clients. We started from the ground up and have grown our presence and reputation since then.  Most of our new clients come from existing happy clients who have referred us and our growing number of 5-star online reviews continues to increase.

We believe that scheduling and staying connected with your pets while your away should be easy and consistent. Therefore, we have a fully integrated client system for both pet sitting clients as well as our boarding/grooming clients. This system allows you to edit pet information as needed so we have up-to-date information at all times, schedule appointments or book services and also stay in touch with how your pet is doing by receiving updates (often with pictures attached) through your client portal. Our client systems are user-friendly and our clients love the convenience and professionalism they offer

Every fur kid is an individual that has their own likes/dislikes and comfort zones. That's why we are so happy to offer in-home pet sitting as well as boarding with group play options. What works for one may not for another. We cater your pets services around what is going to be best for them mentally and physically. Your cat would certainly rather stay in it's own comfortable environment at home or your elderly dog might enjoy some overnight cuddles with one of our sitters. Your new puppy may need to burn some energy playing with other dogs and socializing to build confidence and some group play at our facility may be exactly what she needs.

In regards to our facility environment, we believe in keeping a clean, comfortable and relaxing environment for your dog. This includes frequent disinfecting of kennel runs and play areas with our kennel cleaning system, elevated pet beds or crate pads in each run for your pets comfort and multiple outings and playtime throughout the day in our large play yard.

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