Next time you go out of town, send your pooch on their own vacation! We offer a basic boarding for those dogs that like their space and privacy. They get their own separate potty break time away from other dogs and stay in one of our roomy kennel runs. For the social butterfly dogs, we offer group play in a supervised setting with trained staff present at all times during certain parts of the day. This allows your dog plenty of time to burn some energy and chat with friends over the water bowl. Once the supervised playtime is up, dogs will get to rest and relax in their private kennel run so they can nap and gear up for the next play group time. All dogs enjoy a FREE bath with a minimum boarding stay of 5 nights using our Hydrosurge system for an exceptional clean and soft result but we highly recommend scheduling a full groom prior to your pets departure with us. 

*Prior to boarding, you must provide proof of a current rabies vaccine (or titer test), Distemper/Parvo vaccine, flea prevention, and negative fecal exam

(please refer to the FAQ section for more details)


Basic boarding (no group play)                        $26 night

Boarding w/ up to 2-hr group play time       $30 night

Boarding w/ all-day play                                  $34 night

Addt'l dogs from same household that can 

share a kennel run                                            15% off                

Late pick up (anytime after 2 p.m.)        1/2 day charge

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  • pet care, dog boarding, dog kennel,



Tel. 470-204-7073


Fax. 470-206-1889



Mon-Fri: 7a.m.-6p.m.

Sat: 8-9 & 4-6

Sun: 4-6

1550 Flynt St.

Griffin, GA. 30223