• Jamie Beaber

Train Them Up In The Way They Should Go

Who can resist a cute, snuggly, give-me-ALL-the-puppy-breath, brand new puppy? Whether you are a fluffy, small dog lover or more of a large breed type, there is no denying that ALL puppies are equally adorable. Their curious personalities, playful antics, and irresistible snuggles are enough for anyone to throw all caution to the wind and bring home their newest edition. Even when you know the kids' promises that "I'll take care of it, Mom!" will inevitably be broken.

But after the trips to the pet store for a new collar and cozy bed, and the first appointments at the Vet for puppy shots, don't forget to bring them by the grooming salon to make sure your Groomer can get in on the puppy kisses action as well! Well, that and more importantly, to get them accustomed to the doggie beautification process. Dogs that are used to seeing the sights and hearing the sounds of a grooming salon are much easier to handle, and they actually enjoy their visit, rather than being unnecessarily stressed. Puppies are generally more accepting of the equipment that we use, such as a Dremel and clippers. When they are brought in on a regular basis, even if it just for a quick nail trim, it becomes more of a routine for them. I mean, I get it though. I'm not sure I would want my "sanitary area cleaned up" without consent, either.

I recommend making your puppy an appointment with your groomer around three months of age. This is a great age where they are still learning and adjusting to new environments, and still trusting. They are happy to be loved on and talked to in a high-pitched "Who's a good boy?!" voice while getting their nails ground down. Most of your long haired breeds are sure to need a slight trim up around the eyes (if nothing else) by three months, as well. It also helps if you are working with your puppy at home by desensitizing him to things such as, having his paws touched and picked up.

Bringing a new puppy into your family is a big responsibility, but their coat/nail care and maintenance doesn't have to be a challenge, if you stay ahead of the game. I guarantee you, your groomer will thank you. We appreciate the pro-active pet owner, about as much as we do the free puppy kisses!

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