• Jamie Beaber

The Woman Behind The Shears

My name is Jamie Beaber, and no, Justin is not my son or nephew. Although, I would be lying if I said I wouldn't be stoked if he was. I am a busy mom of two; a preteen girl (we listen to Justin frequently) and a little boy in Pre-K. We spend our weekends, evenings, and any other free time at the ballfield. In the rare event that we actually have a night at home, you will find us watching any superhero movie. The household is currently ran by 3 spoiled rotten pups; Bentley, an Old English Sheepdog; Georgia, an English Bulldog (original name, right?!); and Roadie, an American Pit Bull Terrier.


I have been grooming for Zoomies Pet Care since the facility doors opened in March 2018, where I have had the pleasure of beautifying some of Spalding County's sweetest doggos, and some not so sweet. Prior to that, I have groomed in various places across the Southside of Atlanta. I started this gig when I was 19; washing and drying dogs at an animal hospital. The lead groomer there bought me my first pair of shears, and taught me the basics.

Through the years, I was able to work alongside many highly skilled groomers. I learned the craft of hand scissoring, which is essentially an all over body trim-up with shears, by hand. Basically, it gives the coat an even, flawless finish. I have also dabbled in creative grooming techniques such as coloring and Asian Freestyle. My specialty are the Doodles, which has earned me the unofficial title, "Doodle Queen".

The mission for this blog is to talk about, of course dog grooming, but also give you a look into what goes on behind the scenes, share some funny stories, and to help educate you on common and some uncommon issues with your dog's skin and coat. I really hope that you will find yourself tuning into this monthly blog to learn and laugh along with us (or at us!).

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