Field Trips/ Pet Taxi

If your pooch has alot of energy or just loves going on adventures, book a field trip for them during their stay-cation either as a boarding or pet sitting client! A field trip includes a pick up, drop off and an hour of exercise time at a nearby park or trail. For those that enjoy the water, we try and take them to a location where they can splash around and swim, if possible. It's a ton of fun for your dog to sniff out all the exciting smells of a new location, burn lots of energy doing so and it also helps to build confidence as they get to explore new territories. A field trip can be booked as a stand alone service or added to any stay-cation trip.

We understand that life gets busy and sometimes getting your pet to the groomer, vet clinic or otherwise can be a bit of a challenge. That's where we come in! We offer pet transportation to and from your home with options of one-way trips or round trips. One more way we make life with pets easier!

Field Trips

Pick up, drop off,

1 hr adventure                $30

Pet Taxi

Round trip up to 20 miles        $20

Round trip from 10-15 miles    $30

*one-way trips available

upon request

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